Subcontract the crime fight and require some results

Great reporting from Mr. Perry Edwards on the problems with trying to find his work boat on inlet from Port of Limón.  As a retired law enforcement officer from California, who has spent most of his time in drug law enforcement and who has owned land in Costa Rica for almost 20 years, I feel this story is incredible.  Did the local police and coast guard personnel not have ammunition for their weapons?  Was money offered to just stay away from the sectioned off passage area?  Was required procedural police action overcome by fear?  Something is not kosher here.

Since, in the same edition of your paper, but on a different page, you report that the central Costa Rican government has not been able to spend their budgeted amount for national security, I have a proposal; spend some more money and require specified results.  Subcontract the effort if need be to a private contractor.

On a different part of the same article, your paper reports the U.S. ambassador is donating two more vessels to be used for security purposes at the Caldera port.  Maybe we can install GPS equipment before these boats are deployed.  Then we can find them if need be.

I’m sorry to feel the need to use the intended sarcasm, but enough is enough.  No wonder Mr. Edwards is reported to be in Colombia and thinking of moving his business elsewhere from Limón.  Panamá appears to be thriving on this type of Costa Rican news story. In 20 years, this is the first time I have written a message to the editor, but I feel a need in an effort to keep this story active until resolved.

Robert J. Gieser

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