Sunday will see an army of young skateboarders

Participants in last year's skateboard festival show their boards. Photo: Urban Riot skateboarding organization

Those who are offended by those youngsters on skateboards jumping and performing at every wide spot of concrete better stay indoors Sunday.

It is the international day of skateboarding, and an expected 2,000 youngsters and their boards will take to the pavement in what is being called Emerica Wild In The Streets 2011.

Since 2008 organizers have brought a contingent of skateboarders to the city’s streets. Last year 1,500 participated. This year youngsters are trying to rally more participants with social networks and emails.

The thousands of skateboarders will leave the Polideportivo in Barrio Aranjuez via Calle 23 at 9 a.m. passing in front of the Antigua Aduana to Avenida 3, which they will follow west to Parque Morazán. Then they will go south on Calle 9 and then Calle 11 to Plaza Gonzales Víquez and then to Parque de la Paz where there will be lots of activities and contests.

All the time the army of skateboarders will be accompanied by a mobil disk jockey. Later Colombian rapper Ephniko will entertain the crowds.

The youthful version of rolling thunder is being sponsored by the energy drink Red Bull. The participants will travel six kilometers, about 3.7 miles. The event had a charitable dimension, too. Some 15 skateboards will be handed out to youngsters from poor families, and locks, paint and trash containers are being given to the Polideportivo,

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