Teacher leaders say they are planning more drastic action

Union leaders representing teachers are promising unspecified more drastic action because they are unsatisfied with the results of the massive march Tuesday.

As many as 15,000 teachers from all over the country marched from the Plaza de la Democracia to Casa `Presidencial. They are unhappy with the education ministry’s plan to enact changes in the school calendar. Although the changes appear minor, they would reduce the Christmas vacation from seven weeks to five.

Seven teacher unions marched Tuesday, and one estimate aid the teachers occupied 10 city blocks. The weather was overcast but there was no rain.

Representatives met the education minister, Leonardo Garnier, and a representative of the president. Later educators said they were dissatisfied by Garnier’s insistence to go ahead with the plan, and so they promised more drastic action.

Most Central valley schools had few students Tuesday. Parents had been urged by educators to keep their children home.

Teachers also said they were upset by a reduction of 12 billion colons in the ministry budget, about $24 million. They also have complaints about personnel policies.

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