Teacher unions ignore the interests of society

I don’t understand why APSE and ANDE would not be satisfied with the results of their march Tuesday as A.M. Costa Rica reported. As usual, they were pretty effective in shutting down my daughter’s school.

The needs of kids and parents are often last to be considered (if at all) in what motivates a teachers’ union. This fight is all about union power. The fact is the minister of education might have (and I think does have) a really good plan, but APSE/ANDE will what ever they can so that it never sees the light of day because they are unwilling to give him, the minister, any credit for fear of losing power if they adopt anything suggested by those who hold the purse strings. They may even like the plan themselves.

It is sad that so many unions have degenerated into this self-serving mind set excluding the interests of those in most need in society.  We have a “lost generation” from the 80s just reported on in La Nación. If it were exclusively up to the unions, I guess all generations would be lost.

Pat McCormick
Costa Rica

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