Traffic officer murdered while investigating Tibás accident

A traffic policeman died Sunday when a man intervened in a drunk-driving case and shot the officer in the chest.

The afternoon shooting happened at the scene of an automobile accident in Cinco Esquinas, one of the five districts of the Cantón de Tibás north of San José.

Report from the scene said that the officer determined that one of the drivers involved in the crash had been drinking and that he issued a drunk driving ticket and called for a
tow vehicle to confiscate the car, as the law provides. While the car was being hoisted for transport, another vehicle drove up, and a man pulled a gun on the officer and relieved him of his 9-mm. service pistol. Then he shot the officer in the chest.

Tránsito officers do not wear protective vests as do Fuerza Pública officers. The assailant fled with both weapons. A short time later Fuerza Pública officers located a car matching the description of the one that fled the scene. Inside they found the traffic officers weapon. They also located a suspect on foot walking nearby and detained him.

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