Verdict expected this week in juvenile execution-style killing

Two 17 year olds are on trial this week in juvenile court facing the allegation that they invaded a Desamparados home, tied up two occupants and took them to San Ignacio de Acosta where they executed one.

The case is in the Juzgado Penal Juvenil de San José. The incident happened Feb. 16, 2010. That was when gunmen invaded the home in San Rafael Abajo de Desamparados to tie up two victims, put tape over their mouths and take them to a deserted area in Acosta.

Yaymir Villalobos Castro, 16, was made to kneel as one of
the individuals shot him in the head.

A passing motorcycle surprised the gunmen, and the second individual, identified by the last names of Jiménez Zúñiga, managed to throw himself down a steep hillside and avoid being shot, said agents. Eventually the man, 20, managed to find help at a nearby home.

Two men, identified by the last names of Morales Navarro and Esquivel Sancho, have been convicted in adult court in the same incident and sentenced to 50 years in prison each.

The two juveniles went on trial May 26, and a verdict is expected Thursday. The trial is closed to the public.

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