Want to pitch in majors? Here is your chance

Amateur baseball pitchers have a chance to live the Rocky Balboa dream without getting their heads bashed.

A California casting company is seeking applicants for a reality show where a skilled but unknown pitcher gets a chance to play for a major league team. This is similar to the scenario in “Rocky” where the character Balboa gets a chance to fight the heavyweight champ.

“We are looking for non-major league baseball-affiliated pitchers who have the ability to compete at the highest level but who, for some reason or another, were never able to pursue their dreams of a professional career,” said the company Radical Media.

The company said that a handful who are selected will get pro coaching and mentorship, and then they will test their skills in a series of challenges. The producer of the show is Evan Weinstein, who has “The Amazing Race” to his credits.

Applicants have to be over Age 21 as of May 30, and must submit a photo and a brief bio to the casting company by Monday via email.

The casting employees are aware that Costa Rica is not big on baseball, but there are amateur teams with a heavy concentration of Nicaraguan and Cuban players. Some of the games are played Sunday at Parque la Sabana.

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