15-year-old mom slain with a brick in San Rafael de Escazú

A 15-year-old mother died early Sunday when someone smashed in her head with a brick. The early morning murder happened in San Rafael de Escazú.

Fuerza Pública officers quickly detained four young men, but one may be the boyfriend of the dead girl. Judicial agents are trying to figure out what happened.

The scene of the crime is in a place called Parque Los Conejos
Only one of the four persons held is an adult. He is 20. The other three are 16 years old, said the Fuerza Pública. Three of the individuals were found near the body. A fourth tried to flee, and police chased him and captured him along a nearby river.

Police said they found the body nude with obvious signs of having been beaten, so police believe they may be involved in a sex crime.

Informal sources said that the girl was the mother of an infant.

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