Another letter warning of China’s hidden agenda

I have read the articles about the concerns relevant to China, the most recent one by Art Sulenski, and, I most wholeheartedly agree with them. For me, this comes at an interesting time, as my residency was just approved and I will be moving to Costa Rica very soon.

The relationship between China and Costa Rica is new, still in it’s most primitive developmental stages. Just like a romance developing between people, everyone is on their best behavior, then comes the marriage and then the honeymoon. But, one day, they realize the honeymoon is over and the realities of day to day life take hold. The leaders of our country should not let themselves be romanced and memorized by a nation bearing gifts. It comes with a price!

Everyone should take a look at China and that nation’s history and present day practices. They are one of, if not the biggest, violators of human rights. The government will round up and execute anyone it wants, at any time. Its citizens have little, if any rights. They will come to Costa Rica bearing gifts and paying off anyone and everyone they can. Then, one day, the noose will tighten. We will be told that because of our obligations to China, we can no longer import goods from other countries, and, we will be restricted on who we can export to.

China knows Costa Rica will pose no military threat to them as we have no military. They saw how those to the north of us easily trespassed on our land without repercussion. If Costa Rica then thinks the United States will come to her rescue, she is mistaken. With China holding so much debt, the U.S. will not want to rock the boat. What will happen if one day China demands that the U.S. repay the money it is owed? If the U..S. goes to the world court, it will lose, mainly because there are so many nations today that are against the United States.

After decades, communism failed in Russia, but, China with a population of nearly 1.4 billion, is a long way from that. They can threaten with force. They are now developing state-of-the-art military equipment that rivals what the U.S. now has.

Many years ago, Mao Tse-tung made a statement relevant to a war between China and Russia. He said he could send a wall of humanity to invade Russia, so massive that Russia would be defenseless. He said that he could go to war and lose 100 million people and it would only benefit the economy of his country. A leopard does not change it’s spots. If Costa Rica does not wake up soon, in a matter of one or two decades, Chinese will be taught in the schools, we will become a satellite of China, subject to their rule and oppressive way of life.

Bruce Jacobs
New Jersey

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