Another prison sweep turns up even television sets

Televisions, frying pans and cell telephones are supposed to be prohibited in Costa Rican prisons. But somehow individuals managed to smuggle nine television sets, six fry pans and three cell phones into the Centro Penitenciario de Pérez Zeledón.

A sweep by 300 law officers turned up the illegal merchandise early Sunday as well as 362 knife-like weapons.

The Policía Penitenciaria and the Fuerza Pública descended on the prison before dawn. They were accompanied by drug dogs. This is another sweep as a result of an attempted prison break at the La Reforma complex in Alajuela. A search there turned up all sorts of illegal items.

The Pérez Zeledón sweep also uncovered drugs, cash, bootlegged alcohol and tape recorders. All are illegal.

Searchers found cocaine and marijuana in the four units of the complex.

Many of the smaller illegal items were hidden in the wooden molding of the cells or in mattresses and books, including a Bible. One stash of marijuana was located in a tape recorder.

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