Caja hospital experience was superior to private

Mr. Richardson’s experience is sad and tragic, but happens all too often in the expensive private hospitals, as well.

I foolishly took a very strong antibiotic pill at bedtime, without water, and a few days later suffered severe pain in my pancreas. (My fault).

A friend rushed me to a nearby shiny, new hospital where I described the pain and the location. The ER doctor insisted it was a heart attack and called a heart specialist. I was admitted. The next morning he returned to my room with the declaration I had sugar diabetes.  They were guessing. I again explained exactly where the pain was, but since it was eased, they released me on the condition I return for an $800-plus stress treadmill exam.

I went home and in due course, ate. A day later the same pain returned. This time I went to an older private hospital where the medical test showed stage four pancreatis.

Having had bad experiences with private hospitals, I used my Caja insurance to go to San Juan de Dios, where the facilites were admittedly not as up to date, but the medical and nursing care was first-class.

My point is that malpractice and incompetence can be anywhere  private or Caja. But my experience with Caja services was far superior to the expensive private sector.

Carl Robbins
David, Panama and Atlanta, Georgia

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