California’s problem stems from millions of illegals

Henry Kantrowitz states: “Proposition 13, in 1978, drained the California school system of money. Since 1978 California’s test scores have gone from near the top of all the states to near the bottom.” Henry asserts this is due to the decline in funding to the California public school unionistas. Hogwash!

Victor Davis Hanson wrote this Friday: “California elites swear that a multimillion-person community of illegal aliens has nothing to do with our near-bottom ranking in public-school math and science scores, but privately even the most die-hard unionist teachers confess that it does.”

Ignoring reality that doesn’t fit the liberal paradigm renders opinion pieces penned by progressive “Henrys” pathetic braying, worthy of ridicule.

And by the way, big corporations are owned by stockholders, regular people with retirement funds in 401k’s, IRA’s and SEP’s. Are these everyday Americans possessing a self-serving mindset (a decent return on their investment) that you assign blame?

Jim Barbian
Waterford, Wisconsin

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