Chávez says he’ll receive chemotherapy for his cancer

Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez said he may have chemotherapy or radiation treatment following his recent surgery for cancer.

Chávez announced Wednesday that he is starting the second stage of treatment for cancer, although he did not elaborate on what kind of cancer he has. He said chemotherapy or radiation treatment would be the third stage. He said that stage is meant to armor his body against cancer cells. He said he has lost weight and is adopting a healthier lifestyle.

The president, known for his hours-long speeches, has also curtailed some activities since his surgery. He said he has learned to delegate tasks to others.

Chávez returned to Venezuela July 4 after having surgery in Cuba to remove a tumor in his pelvic region. He has not released many details about his illness, but he has vowed to fight it. He has assured Venezuelans that he intends to remain in control of the country, which is South America’s biggest oil producer.

The 56-year-old president, an outspoken critic of the United States, took office in 1999.

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