Chávez sings and dances to celebrate his birthday

Venezuelan President Hugo Chåavez sang and danced on the balcony of the presidential palace, celebrating his 57th birthday amid a struggle against cancer.

Crowds of supporters cheered the Venezuelan leader Thursday as he vowed to live a long life despite the illness.
Earlier in the day, Chávez compared himself to a phoenix risen from the ashes.

Speaking by telephone on state television, the president said he felt reborn even though he soon faces a second round of chemotherapy. President Chávez said he will still host a summit of Latin American and Caribbean presidents in December, as originally planned.

Chávez also invited Venezuelans to celebrate his 67th birthday with him in 10 years. This is the second day in a row that the Venezuelan president spoke on television.

Chávez also beat his chest and stomach to demonstrate his health during the televised interviews. However, he said his second round of chemotherapy will likely leave him bald.

The Venezuelan president returned home Saturday after a week of chemotherapy in Cuba, where he was operated on last month to remove a malignant tumor. The president has not said what kind of cancer was being treated.

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