China building military not to get customers

Thanks to Jo for her thoughts on China, the U.S., and Costa Rica, and for the relatively mild (this time) America bashing.

U.S.A……………Not so good
Costa Rica……Ideal?

Maybe all China wants now is customers, but they do have intercontinental ballistic missiles with nuclear bombs on them aimed at the U.S., and they are increasing their navy and all phases of military at an alarming pace. Is this to get more customers? What happens when China’s military exceeds that of the current world policeman??  Will they still want only customers? Their course will probably be determined by the ruling Communist committee, and the average citizen might welcome some Chinese Imperialism.

Here in San Antonio there could be 20 or 30  cultural events this weekend, and they are in locations that have addresses that can be found and reached quickly. I once tried to find the theater mentioned in Jo’s column, but with just a general area and only directions such as “turn left at Alka-Seltzer and then right at Castrol”  I missed the performance I wanted to see. I called the venue but – no answer.

Thanks again Jo for the  thought provoking column.

Daryl Hardman
Escazú and San Antonio, Texas

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