Chinese don’t want conquests, they just want customers

First they built a Coliseum, now the circus has come to town. A Chinese circus. It worked with the Romans. The circus is not taking place in the new stadium. It is located on Sabana Sur across the street from the park. Who doesn’t like a circus? I wonder what they will bring next.

Pretty smart, the Chinese. They know that seduction is better than force. They are seducing the countries of Latin America and Africa with their gifts and their constructions that will create jobs. As someone said, the Chinese don’t want to conquer the people of other countries they want to turn them into customers, and they want access to their energy sources. They don’t want to have to spend money on rebuilding something they have destroyed. They don’t even seem interested in proselytizing communism.

The Chinese are becoming rich because there they have customers for the products they make and create. Businesses do not grow just because they have money. They grow because there is a demand for their goods. They don’t hire people to work unless they have work for them to do, unless they have customers for their product. You can’t sell products to poor people. It makes sense to start with making customers (or consumers) for your products.

The Chinese government is hiring people to build high speed trains and its infrastructure, producing solar panels among other things. As a matter of fact, soon China will not depend so much upon foreign consumers because it won’t be long before the majority of people of China won’t be called proletariats but will be working consumers themselves.

Perhaps I have commented before, that in the United States (and maybe elsewhere) people are overworked and underemployed. While in Costa Rica, people are overemployed and underworked. The U.S. situation makes for a working force of exhausted and stressed out people with little free time for pleasure or shopping, and a growing population of angry, even homeless, unemployed who cannot buy even what they need.

The Costa Rican system sometimes means inefficient and unknowledgeable employees who have too much time to socialize on the job, but it also means a more contented population and more people with some money and more time and energy to take classes to further themselves or go to concerts and other cultural events that are pleasurable and educational.

The secret is in the word employee.  Being an employee means not only working for a wage and able to be a customer, it means getting up every morning with a purpose, dressing and going to a place where, if not everyone, somebody knows your name.  It means joining friends at lunch hour and time to window shop and see the new products available, knowing you might be able to buysomething.  And it means feeling useful and productive.

All of these things make people feel good about themselves.  The result is social prosperity for the many instead of material prosperity for the few.  It will be interesting to see in what direction China goes.

Speaking of cultural events, it is not just the circus that will be in town this weekend, there is the DaVinci exhibition and tour at the Aduana Arts and Technology Center in Barrio La California.

DaVinci is a great example of someone who worked at what he loved and was an artist in several media as well as an inventor and even more.  A guided tour will help you see his genius.  The exhibition lasts until Aug. 13.

Van Gogh, my favorite painter will be at the Teatro Laurence Olivier this weekend, in the person of Joseph Kaknes, an actor, painter and performance artist who impersonates Van Gogh and talks about his life as he paints!  You can make reservations or call 8858-1446.

Next weekend there will be a repeat performance of “Such Things as Dreams are Made of,” (You gotta have a dream.) written, in most cases, by the actors and directed by actor/director Annette Hallett.  You can make reservations for that at the same time.

Prices for all of the events are reasonable, and fortunately, most of us who are in city area have both the time and money to enjoy such things.

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