Correos de Costa Rica plans special deliveries for mothers

A reminder from Correos de Costa Rica

Mid-July is not too early to be thinking about el Dia de la Madre, a Costa Rican holiday only slightly less in importance than Christmas or Easter.

This year is it on a Monday. It always is Aug.15. The retail outlets, restaurants and flower growers are getting ready.

And now so is the postal service, Correos de Costa Rica. The postal agency has renewed its offer to allow customers to send telegrams to mothers. The service would be in lieu of a greeting card.

Correos has established a 1,000-colon charge for this service, about $2. The blanks can be purchased at postal outlets. There is space for a personalized message.

Correos promises to deliver what they are calling a telegram either the Friday or Saturday before the holiday. The telegrams will be ready for purchase up until Aug.8, Correos said.

There is, however, one little problem. That is the address. The postal service is seeking when possible a complete address, including the number of the house, the street, the avenue and the postal code. Most Costa Rican addresses are veiled in mystery, and even those living in a home frequently do not know the number, and some even do not know the street.

So those wanting to send a mother’s day telegram will have to do a little research.

The mother occupies the pinnacle of many Costa Rican households, so if she lives nearby, a telegram will be less than adequate. That is why the restaurants, flower shops and retail outlets are getting ready.

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