Country logs 113 killings in the first six months of the year

Personal security has become the No 1 political and social issue. A series of headline-grabbing murders has propelled the issue to the forefront of the public mind perhaps because citizens do not believe that the central government or courts are taking steps to stem the wave.

So far this year 113 person had died by what is being called aggression. With more deaths comes a change in the way street robberies are conducted. Sometimes the crook shoots first or at the first sign of resistance.

An 18-year-old woman became a statistic in Siquirres Sunday night as she walked with a girlfriend. Bandits pulled up in a vehicle and sought her possessions. She resisted, and a robber shot her in the throat. The woman, who had the last name of Farguharson, died shortly after reached in Clínica de Siquirres, said the Judicial Investigating Organization.

Siquirres has been plagued by bandits in vehicles. A store owner was shot gunned to death there last week, and at least one girl was raped.
A shopkeeper in Barrio San José in San Ramón de Alajuela died early Monday when he went to open up his pulpería about 5 a.m.

The man was identified as Hugo Jiménez Delgado, 65. The Judicial Investigating Organization said that men in a car tried to rob his small food store. He, too, resisted and received two bullets in the chest. He died in Hospital Carlos Luis Valverde. Agents said it appeared that the bandits took nothing before they fled the scene.

Meanwhile in San José prosecutors are seeking preventative detention for a man with the last names of Briceño Cano in the murder of a 15-year-old mother at a park in San Rafael de Escazú early Sunday. He was one of four persons detained shortly after someone smashed in the girl’s head with a brick. The other three persons involved are juveniles, and they have been set free with conditions, said the Poder Judicial. The case is an apparent sex crime.

Agents theorize that the girl and some of her friends were drinking early Sunday in the park before the crime took place. She leaves a 9 month old in the care of her parents.

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