Country promises to help in Facundo Cabral probe

The country has promised to work closely with judicial authorities in Guatemala who are seeking to solve the murder of Facundo Cabral. The Argentine singer was gunned down July 2 in Guatemala City while on the way to the airport after a concert. He was one of Latin America’s most popular performers.

The Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores y Culto made the promise after it became known that the intellectual author of the crime might be a Costa Rican resident.

The leading theory is that Cabral died in an ambush that was meant to kill his concern promoter, Henry Fariñas, a Nicaraguan who has many business interests n Latin America. Fariñas survived but is in critical condition and has not yet been interviewed by police.

Two suspects have been caught. They were persons identified from video cameras near the scene of the shooting.

The Costa Rican being sought was identified by the first name of Alejandro, who might have the last name of Jiménez.

A report over the weekend said that the man was in custody in Nicaragua, but that could not be verified.

The ministry made its promise after news reports said the principal suspect was Costa Rican.

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