Don’t use cash, judicial police warn after another stickup

Here’s a little tip to keep money safe, courtesy of the Judicial Investigating Organization:

Don’t use cash.

That was the advice Wednesday after two men on a motorcycle stuck up another customer just leaving a bank. The robbery happened in La Uruca, and agents said the crooks got 3 million colons or about $6,000. The victim carried the cash in a briefcase.

“Once again we repeat the warning that you should not make withdrawals in cash from the banks but better yet use other means of payment, be it check electronic, etc.,” said the judicial police.

The warning had echoes of the way a previous security
minister cut down on automatic teller robberies. Banks wereasked to shut off the machines after 10 p.m.

Investigators are facing a wave of robberies of bank customers. Another robbery took place Thursday afternoon outside a state bank in Tibás. This time the crooks, three men and a woman, pulled up in a car and took 1.3 million colons or about $2,600.

Police managed to locate what they thought was the car later but only a driver was present and there was no sign of the money.

There have been other robberies, and it is clear that the crooks have some help. There are either bank employees providing key information to the bandits, or a crook posing as a customer is passing on the details of large withdrawals. This is one reason most banks forbid the use of cell telephones.

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