Drunk driving suspect does everything wrong

With some creativity, a motorist can get in a lot more trouble than just a drunk driving arrest.

That is what the Fuerza Pública said happened early Wednesday in Santa Rosa de Santo Domingo. After a drunk driving suspect was stopped, he offered bribes to officers, then fled, firing a weapon and hitting one of the policemen as he did, they said.

Luis Diego Carballo Picado was the officer who was shot in the back, the Fuerza Pública said. Officials attributed his survival to the bulletproof vest he wore. The bullet would have hit him in the spinal column, they added.

Carballo and a fellow officer spotted a car moving erratically and stopped the vehicle, officials reported. That is when the driver offered a bribe, they said. When officers refused and called for a traffic officer, the man got angry and put his vehicle in gear and took off.

It was when Carballo was running back to the patrol car to give chase that he heard a report and felt the bullet hit him in the back, officials said.

A short time later they were able to find the vehicle in a garage and then located suspect inside his home. He tested positive for alcohol, they said.

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