Former Californian replies to illegal alien claim

Jim Barbian, from Wisconsin not California, tries to explain the decline of the education system in California from an article he read about today’s problems.  He berates Henry Kantrowitz for his so called liberal paradigm assertion of the fall of the California school system.

Jim’s response to the problem that Henry was talking about has nothing to do with illegal aliens back in the late 70s and 80s.  He may want to use that excuse in today’s scheme of things, but it had nothing to do with the start and continuation of the decline in the late 70s and 80s of the education system in California.  I was born in California, and my husband and I raised our children there and saw the decline of the school system as well, following the Jarvis Bill property tax cuts.

If you are going to try and pin it on illegal aliens maybe you need to research the the problems back then and you will see it had nothing to do with illegals in California. That was not even an issue back then.   It had everything to do with cutting back on funds provided to the education system.   Jim might be better off talking about his own experiences in Wisconsin and not be so attacking of a fellow Californian who experienced the same thing I saw while raising my kids back then.

Illegal aliens seem to be the problem to everything to some, instead of taking responsibility of our own mistakes.  I see similar blame here in Costa Rica regarding Nicaraguans.  They, too, are blamed for everything that is a problem.  If it wasn’t for both groups of illegals, we wouldn’t have much of the food provided us nor the jobs filled that many Gringos or Ticos will no longer do.  I am not saying there is no problem with illegals in either country but to put blame where blame was not due is uncalled for.

Chris Todd
Laguna Hills/Escazú

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