Gallery marks this month with collection of artists

The Hidden Garden Art Gallery features a collective exhibit celebrating the annexation of Guanacaste this month. The Anexión del Partido de Nicoya is legal holiday celebrated July 25, so this is what is called the patriotic month.

The holiday commemorates the 1823 decision by Guanacaste leaders to join Costa Rica and not Nicaragua.

Local and international artists are demonstrating their homage to the province through their artistic talent and creativeness, the gallery said. On exhibit are pieces on various media such as sculpture, oils on canvas, acrylics on canvas and photography. Amongst the paintings are a variety of surreal, abstract, contemporary and traditional, said the gallery.

Among participating artists are:

Oscar Lios, born in Costa Rica, a self-taught artist with instincts inherited from a family with a passion for the arts;

Christian Porras, called “the minstrel Guanacasteco,” because he writes music and plays the guitar, in addition to his paintings, a Costa Rica native;

Juan Carlos Ruiz Soto, born in Costa Rica, and has studied under painting master Juan Carlos Meana in Spain, and has a fine arts degree from the University of Costa Rica;

Marco Tulio Brenes, also born in Costa Rica, has spent most of his artistic creation working in sculptures, of various materials such as ceramic, stone and wood among others; paintings with oil and acrylics, drawing and poetry, among other expressions;

Hernán Pérez-Pérez, born in Puntarenas, who probes a variety of techniques and concepts, a well-established artist throughout Costa Rica, having attended many international symposiums;

Rebeca Alvarado Soto, a Costa Rican artist well known for her large surreal paintings;

Sara Larkin, international artist commissioned by NASA to artistically document space programs, such as her “Spacescapes.” Series;

Baraba Odio Yglesias, Ron Brocco and Doug Schutza.

The exhibit opens Saturday at from 10 a.m. The gallery promises to have live music performed by Lios and Porras, plus typical cuisine. The gallery is located 5 kilometers west of Liberia International Airport.

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