He’s suspicious of China and its goals in Costa Rica

I have tried to tell folks that the Chinese are “Communist” for some time.

Arias and Laura are kissing up to the devil’s advocate. When the Chinese get Costa Rica into more massive debt  and when Costa Rica goes into default, they will sue to get their monies, bankrupting Costa Rica thru the world court.

I’m guessing that the Chinese are now looking at another way to get a larger stranglehold on the U.S.A thru Costa Rica’s free trade agreement with the U.S.A. and other countries.

I’m sure as mentioned by Daryl Hardman that their military would have something to do with helping Costa Rica remember its obligation. The U.S.A. is just as stupid when it comes to loans from China. They will and have been destroying the U.S.A.’s shaky economy.

At 70 years old, I’m hoping to be gone when things explode as I think they will. There are just too many strings attached to these two countries. The pied piper will get paid. Just when is my “now” concern. Folks wonder what China could want with a bankrupt U.S.A., maybe raw materials, the oil that the environmentalists are saving for them, coal, iron, farm products and wood. Lots of stuff there for the plucking.

Art Sulenski
San Ramon/Los Angeles Sur

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