IBM announcement wins universal approval here

Officials and organization leaders outside of the central government have welcomed the announcement by IBM that it will invest $300 million in Costa Rica over 10 years and hire up to 1,000 persons.

The announcement came Thursday morning at a session in Casa Presidencial. The news was reported HERE early Thursday afternoon.

IBM already had operations here, and this would be a new technological center. The services the company will offer include security, troubleshooting, maintenance and monitoring of systems and software for its clients principally in the United States and Europe, said Casa Presidencial.

Among the organization praising the decision were, predictably, the Cámara de Tecnologías de Información y Comunicación.

The company said it would begin recruiting now. But it did not say how it would allocate the money. With a work force of 1,000, a $300 million investment means $300,000 per head, so the company must be planning new construction.

IBM now has facilities in Costa Rica that process client relations, provide accounting and operate shared services with clients in the Americas. The company is headquartered here at Global Park Free Zone in La Aurora de Heredia.

The government is calling this the largest investment in the country in 13 years.

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