Investor seeks to organize Savings Unlimited creditors

There are up to 2,000 of us (200 registered) and only one Luis Milanes. We have almost as many people motivated to work with us as some governmental organizations. The governmental organizations get whatever they want from the officials, yet we continue being victimized for lack of organization. If we foreigners continue to roll over and play dead each time we are defrauded, the officials have no motivation to change their practice of corruption. Their message survives in the people’s minds that it’s open season on foreigners.

Our message is not to help rich Costa Ricans and foreigners get their money back.

Our message is that Costa Rica is a beautiful country with soil that produces an abundance. The land has natural resources and the people have ingenuity that could bring great wealth to all Costa Ricans, both in jobs and investment. Most people here work for an average of less than $400 a month. This is shameful when compared with government officials who are unofficially making thousands a month.

Those motivated to express these ideas will get there money back, generously, if organized and working together. When this happens, we will prevail. However, if our large group remains disorganized, one man, Milanes will prevail. He and the lawyers on his staff will be victorious, and the victims will get nothing.

If we organize, not with money and lawyers, but with simple efforts like networking, communicating, and broadcasting, then we will get our money back. Now we are hundreds of ineffectual voices in a wilderness of corruption, but we can be one effective voice that will bring out the truth. This campaign against corruption is not only for the benefit of the victims but also for the benefit of all Costa Ricans.

We need to get one list together of all victims to contact by asking others to refer victims known to them.

Once we have a contact list, the victims can meet up to brainstorm a public relations campaign.

Will they volunteer? Hopefully there will be no emphasis on spending more, but an emphasis on voluntary efforts.

With a large group like this there’s got to be someone with a relative or associate who works at La Nación, La Republica, Teletica, or Radio Dos. Someone has got to be willing to share our story about helping the Costa Rican people to a better life by obtaining justice from the government.

If this doesn’t help, we can write articles for tourist publications in our home countries where Instituto Costarricense de Turismo advertises. This would reach top level officials putting the necessary pressure where it’s needed.

Here is my email address (mil as in Milanes, and then zero zero one)

Jeremy Strawbson

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