‘Little summer’ weather conditions might hold for weekend

The Central Valley and other parts of Costa Rica received a three-day break from heavy rain, and the situation may continue through the weekend.

“It looks like Christmas,” a Costa Rican gushed Thursday while looking at the blue skies and puffy white clouds over San José.

The Instituto Meteorológico Nacional said that this phenomenon of a brief period of what Costa Ricans call summer usually takes place in the last 15 days of July. This is called the veranillo, meaning “little summer” or
canicula. In order to qualify as such, the weather experts require five straight days of good weather. That may happen.

Since Sunday there has been a significant reduction in the patterns of rain in Guanacaste, the central Pacific and the Central Valley, said the weather institute.

Winds will continue to increase, perhaps to damaging levels in Guanacaste, and basically keep the rain away.

But don’t blame the weather institute for brief periods of rain. The period is defined in general not as a total absence of rain but a significant reduction in the intensity, the agency said in a release.

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