Man accused of murder has 40 prior arrests

A man accused of killing a hotel guest during an abortive robbery two weeks ago in Pococí has been jailed 40 times for robbery, police officials said Monday.

The man is Alexander Amador Jiménez, 32, who is now in jail for six months while prosecutors investigate the murder at the Hotel Tortuguero. He was detained over the weekend by Fuerza Pública officers and judicial agents.

Agents have been after Amador since the June 27 shooting. A companion suffered a bullet wound when the hotel guest, who had the last name of Fernández, shot it out with two men who tried to stick up the hotel staff about 1 a.m., said the Judicial Investigating Organization.

Fernández apparently became aware of a robbery of hotel staff at the reception desk and pulled his own gun to stop the crime. One of the robbers suffered wounds, agents said. A short time later a man showed up at a local clinic with bullet wounds in his body. He was detained as a suspect, and agents were on the trail of Amador.

Police officials did not explain why Amador was free after having been involved in so many robbery cases.

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