Midyear gordo lottery favors No. 47, series 870

The midyear gordo lottery had slower sales than officials expected, but some folks are very happy today that they purchased a ticket.

The winning number was 47 in series 870. Those who hold a full lottery ticket are richer by 240 million colons or about $480,000. Each of the 10 pieces of the ticket are worth 24 million colons.

Second place was number 19 in series 770.  Third was 61 in series 146.

There are many more winners, and a full list is posted on the Web site of the Junta de Protección Social, which runs the lottery. For example, all tickets except the winner that end with a 7 collect 24,000 colons, about $48.

The is the second richest lottery drawing of the year, second only to the Christmas gordo lottery where the top prize can be in excess of $1 million.

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