Ministry rescues 300 mostly youngsters stranded in México

About 300 Costa Ricans, mostly youngsters, were stranded in México over the weekend when plans for their flight home ran into problems.

The youngsters were from escuelas Nueva Esperanza and Barrio México. They were out of the country to compete in athletic events.

There were two groups. One of about 100 persons was stranded in Cancún. About 200 were in the federal district of México.
The Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores y Culto here said that the government of México agreed to waive the exit tax, some $70 a person.

The Costa Ricans ran into trouble when they tried to board their charter flight to come home. They found that they had not been issued tickets.

The Costa Rican consulate participated in getting travel arrangements.

One group arrived home early Tuesday. The second group was supposed to arrive in mid-afternoon, the ministry said.

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