More Costa Rican news should be in this paper

Where’s the beef?

As the famous Wendy’s commercial used to say about their competitors, “Where’s the beef?” I have notice in the past 12 months your Costa Rica Internet news has started to include more and more articles about interesting items totally unrelated to Costa Rica. And of course, less and less space devoted to Costa Rica new items, the “beef.”

I know the Tico Times often copies or summarizes new articles from the La Nación in order to fill up the paper and stick to Costa Rican news. And I know you have a box that includes local news from the Spanish papers, very relevant and helpful.

I would really rather see mostly Costa Rican news in your Costa Rican paper. There are so many other sources of interesting news items on the internet and TV. I rely on A.M. Costa Rica to focus on Costa Rica.

You have the BBC section that you can scroll for other international news. That should be enough for non-Costa Rica news. Although I personally, find this BBC box totally irrelevant, I can find international news on my own.

I may have missed it, but I didn’t see anything on the 4th of July event in Costa Rica, like location, times, etc. While The Tico Times prints an entire section on the event each year which includes lots of advertisers.

For example today’s paper (July 6) included the follow articles:

Seven Articles related to Costa Rica:

“Some would put the Caja into the critical care unit” (good)

“Desamparados man dies from blaze in his apartment” (weak news interest)

“Taxis OKd for disabled” (good)

“Quake rattles Dominical” (good)

“Shop yields a big selection of parts from dismantled cars” (good)

“Puriscal bus passengers among those with storm problems” (good)

“Web link can clarify the salary adjustment for rest of year” (very good)

Six articles not related to Costa Rica:

“Former Californian replies to illegal alien claim” (irrelevant)

“Experts seek to raise awareness to TB and HIV coinfections” (interesting)

“Chávez ducks parade but talks on television” (interesting)

“U.S. Coast Guard returns Haitian and Cuban migrants” (irrelevant)

“Dalai Lama in Washington in new non-political role” (totally irrelevant)

“Last space shuttle launch is big Florida tourist draw’ (totally irrelevant)

Half of the articles in today’s paper have nothing to do with Costa Rica. Maybe one or two okay, but half starts making the paper look unfocused on Costa Rica.

Please don’t be offended by my criticism. I still read your paper every day. I just lament there is not as much Costa Rican news as you once upon a time reported.

I would love to hear what other readers may have to say about this, if you wish to print this letter to the editor.

Edward Bridges
20 years Desamparados

EDITOR’S NOTE: We generally do not reply to reader letters because we have a clear advantage. But for the interest of accuracy, here are the links to the July 4 news articles:

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