Ms. Chinchilla promotes her tax plan in Nicoya speech

President Chinchilla hands out a symbolic housing grant representing the 1,323 that have been distributed by her administration since 2010. Photo: Casa Presidencial

Reactivating the productive sector of Guanacaste is a priority of the Chinchilla administration, the president said Monday, as she gave the traditional annual talk in the Parque Central de Nicoya.

The occasion was the celebration of the Anexión del Partido de Nicoya that took place 187 years ago when political leaders there agreed to cast their lot with Costa Rica instead of Nicaragua. Every year politicians travel to Guanacaste to show that their ancestors did not make a mistake.

President Laura Chinchilla showed some frustration during her speech, in part because she was met by about 400 protesters with various complaints. She told Guanacaste residents Monday to take their demands to legislators because opposition lawmakers now control the Asamblea Legislativa.

In addition to a stalled proposal for a national park, the president cited the tax reform plan that is being considered in the legislature.

“Despite that we have limited resources, my government has been advancing diverse projects. I tell you who are waving banners of other parties or to those who represent distinct regions of Guanacaste that we ought to have the same shared objective: the well being of Guanacaste residents.”

“My government is the government with the biggest deficit in the last 30 years,” she said. But she added that political will is not in short supply. The opposition has presented a legislative agenda, and she said that the country was built in a collective manner.

“. . . we have to demand of the government but we also have to demand of the other powers of the Republic,” she said in clear reference to the legislature.

“I will not hide from you the necessity that we have a sick state. I need more taxes, and they are not taxes that you are gong to pay. They are taxes that those that have the most will pay to give to you,” she said urging that the listeners contact lawmakers to seek passage of her administration’s tax plan.

The plan would raise $1 billion in new tax money, according to administration calculations. That is about half of the government’s deficit.

During the session, Sandra Piszk, minister of Trabajo y Seguridad Social, said that her ministry had signed an agreement with four local municipalities, La Cruz, Nicoya, Santa Cruz and Liberia, to set up a 24-hour system with the goal of promoting employment in the area.

President Chinchilla handed out housing grants representing the 9 billion colons that have been distributed to 8,298 persons in poor families in the province since 2010. That’s about $18 million.

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