Much of nation takes a beating from weekend rains

Mother Nature had the upper hand over the weekend as a continual rain caused a variety of problems.

Residents of the northern Pacific endured heavy rains and lightning Thursday night and Friday morning.

The national emergency commission said that some coastal towns were cut off and some bridges were damaged.

Two national highways suffered damage there. One links Flamingo with Potrero and the other connects Villa Real with Hernández, the emergency commission said. Damage also was reported to the Policía Turistica offices in Santa Cruz.

Santa Cruz got 26.7 millimeters of rain, about an inche, from 7 a.m. Saturday until 7 a.m. Sunday, but only 4.3 millimeters since then. That’s about the same rainfall as in San José.

The rainfall in the Pacific was the result of a strong low-pressure area that early Monday was off the coast of Nicaragua.

Weather officials estimated that some 100 millimeters or about four inches, would fall Friday in about six hours in the Pacific region.

The rains continues Sunday but with variable intensities, Turrialba received 85 millimeters, about 3.3 inches, since 7
a.m. Sunday, but most automatic weather stations reported far less rain.

The Instituto Meteorológico National predicted that the nation’s weather would return to its normal rainy season conditions by midday today. Until them more rain was expected in the mountains. The María Aguilar, Niño, Sarapiquí, Telire and Sixaola rivers were rising, the weather institute said.

Over the weekend 87 families were flooded out in the northern zone in Upala and Guatuzo. The Río Guacalito, that has its origins in the central volcanic mountains did some damage downstream, said the Comisión Nacional de Prevención de Riesgos y Atención de Emergencias.

Some 40 persons were displaced in the Heredia community of Guarari Friday, and 45 homes were flooded in Golfito, Osa, Aguirre, Garabito and Bagaces, the commission said.

The rain-swollen Río Cañas in Desamparados undermined section of the El Buen Pastor women’s prison in San Rafael Arriba. Prison officials at first moved some 40 inmates to other sections of the facility. Then Saturday they transported 132 inmates to a section of the La Reforma complex in Alajuela.

Prison officials plan some $2.8 million in repair to the Desamparados facility, in part with emergency commission funds. But the job is not expected to be completed until October, they said.

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