Nearly a year has passed without word on Kim Paris

Kim Paris

In just a few days last August, the disappearance of Kim Paris from a hotel in Santa Teresa de Cóbano dropped out of the headlines. There was nothing new.

The woman simply vanished after leaving the Hotel Latitude 10 Resort on a hotel bike. She made a withdrawal at a nearby automatic teller. And that is all anyone knew at the time.

That still is all anyone knows as the disappearance approaches the one year mark Aug. 25.

Her husband, Gabriel Orozco, the hotel administrator, notes that Ms. Paris will be 34 Aug. 29. And he has wracked his brains trying to think of a reason or even just a clue. He and other family members also have conducted extensive searches of the area.

The Judicial Investigating Organization has not developed any leads. Nor has an investigator from the French embassy here, Orozco said. Ms. Paris holds French nationality.

A sister, Natasha in Florida, is equally frustrated. “I’m sure someone must know something, someone must say something once they’ll see she’s still missing,” she said in an email. “We haven’t been asked any ransom, her body hasn’t been found, she must be somewhere, and hopefully still alive.”
The family has been more low key that those of other missing expats. There is a Web page:  

The family of David Gimelfarb brought his case to the CNN “Nancy Grace Show.” The Chicago area man disappeared after hiking in Parque Nacional Rincón de la Vieja in eastern Guanacaste.

The family of British journalist Michael Dixon put a song on the Web and created t-shirts, among other publicity efforts. His brother David visits frequently and does a lot of media interviews. However, in neither of these cases have their been any developments despite the publicity.

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