New hotel designed with energy- and water-saving features

The new hotel is not far from Hospital CIMA in Escazú

The new hotel Holiday Inn San José-Escazú is what is being called a techno-sustainable facility. The $20 million structure adjacent to Hospital CIMA on the Autopista del Sol/Próspero Fernández highway boasts a host of energy-saving and water-saving systems.

The Grupo Agrisal project is supposed to be able to reduce by 40 percent the water consumption of a similar traditional hotel. The elevators in the facility are designed to reuse the energy that they produce, said the company.

Grupo Agrisal is a Salvadoran company, and this is the firm’s first investment in Costa Rica. Roberto Murray, company president, praised Costa Rica for its stability. The hotel is the first of a series of planned investments, said the firm.

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