One must distinguish research vs. opinion

Hari Singh Khalasa has every right to be skeptical of a single study that touts the benefits of drinking coffee, as do we all, but he engages in precisely the same quality of unfounded assertion when he says, “. . .as a yoga instructor, and one who enjoys an occasional cup of coffee, I am more prone to believe, that a balanced healthy diet, and regular exercise, are a safer bet to optimum brain health, than to gulping down large quantities of java.”

Unlike the researchers whose work is referred to in your article earlier in the week, Mr. Khalasa has engaged in no research whatsoever. He says so in his letter. So his assertion is based upon nothing more than his own conviction borne part of a lifetime devoted to yoga. While Mr. Khalasa has every right to his own opinion, it carries with it no scientific weight whatsoever and should be regarded as a statement of his own personal belief and nothing more.

David C. Murray
Grecia, Alajuela

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