Proposition 13 destroyed education in California

It was mentioned that we have “lost a generation from the 1980’s,” reported in the La Nación.  Mr. McCormick thinks it is the fault of teachers unions.  Well there is another side to that fallacy, and a great example is what happened in California and after following their lead what happened throughout the United States.

Proposition 13, in 1978, drained the California school system of money. Since 1978 California’s test scores have gone from near the top of all the states to near the bottom. One former schoolteacher complained that he was forced to leave the teaching profession because the schools had no money to pay him a living wage. Meanwhile, libraries around the state were shut down.

Proposition 13 did usher in a second California gold rush in the 1980s.  California’s economic surge in the years following Proposition 13 was to become the envy of the nation.   Yes, big business did quite well, but schools were shut down all over California never to reopen.   None of the money generated was used to reopen or bring back the school system to what it was before 1978.  My own kids went from having 15 children in their classes to over 30.  Six schools were closed down in the section of  northern Orange County where I lived.  The land was sold to build industrial parks instead.  I wouldn’t blame the unions for the self-serving mindset mentioned.  I would aim that at the bottom line of the big corporations running everything, including how government spends it revenues.

Henry Kantrowitz
Punta Leona

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