San Ramón begins push to become the Clean Cantón

San Ramón volunteers will be planting 2,000 trees Sunday as part of the community’s carbon neutral initiative. The trees have been donated by the Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad via the local agricultural ministry office. A landowner is permitting the trees to be planted on his land. The trees will go near a place called Quinto Cerro where there are a number of springs and water sources.

The carbon neutral project has been created by the Cámara de Comercio y Industria de San Ramón and has the support of the Community Action Alliance in that city.
Additional objectives of the campaign include education, economic development, and branding: we aspire to position San Ramón as the Clean Canton by attracting direct foreign investment either involved in the production of sustainable products or committed to sustainable business practices, said Mike Styles of the Community Action Alliance.

The central government has outlined the goal to make Costa Rica carbon neutral by 2021, so the Proyecto San Ramón Camino a Carbon Neutro, meaning on the road to carbon neutrality, is consistent with that government goal. Styles said the group is highly educated, realistic, and action oriented.

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