Story was paranoid rant that serves to increase fear

What the heck was that ridiculous, paranoid rant doing in A.M. Costa Rica?

The only thing missing was Glen Beck and his infamous chalk board to explain the dubious links between U.S. citizen’s enormous appetite for cocaine, Middle East politics, and “Homeland insecurity”. What is clear from this article is that the war on drugs is also a war of fear – the first being required to sustain the second.

Personally I wish all recreational drugs would be decriminalized and dealt as the medical issues that they present to the users. This, however, would remove the criminal element and all the pain and suffering that breaths life into the U.S. drug/military/industrial conspiracy.

Here in Costa Rica we see our beloved little country suffering as illegal cocaine passes through on its way to North American customers. So we are not immune here, or to the insanity in the U.S. government that continues to drive the war on drugs.

R. Martin

EDITOR’S NOTE:  The following letters comment on a story published Tuesday titled “Complex web links Chávez, Iran, Hezbollah, drugs,” based on congressional testimony. The story is HERE!

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