Strong storm sweeps city and floods some homes

A string of heavy thunderstorms swept through the metro area between 3 and 5 p.m. Monday and dumped an inch of rain on San José.

The downpour caused flooding in Tibás and in San Juan de Desamparados, both chronic trouble spots.

Lesser quantities of rain fell elsewhere. The Instituto Meteorológico Nacional said 27.1 millimeters fell in San José, That’s 1.06 of an inch. Cartago got 23.9 millimeters (.94 of an inch). Pavas got 15.3 millimeters or .6 of an inch. Juan Santamaría airport got 10.6 millimeters or about .42 of an inch.

Two homes were destroyed in Desamparados. Others were flooded by a local river that has caused trouble in the past. Homeowners fared better in Tibás, but homes were still flooded with water and mud.

At Banco Nacional the computer system failed due to electrical problems brought on by the storm.

The weather institute is predicting the same for today for the Central Valley and the Pacific coast. Little rain is expected on the Caribbean coast and just scattered showers in the northern zone.

A low pressure system in the Pacific has enlarged but has become more disorganized, and the U.S. National Hurricane Center said it does not think the area will develop into a strong storm.

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