Suspect named in horrific Herradura arson killings

Investigators say it was an angry ex-boyfriend who put chains around two containers used as living quarters and killed the four persons who were sleeping inside.

Agents also disclosed that one of the victims of the June 10 arson was a 14-year-old girl who was pregnant.

The suspect lives in San Carlos. He was detained June 26 on the allegation that he tried to kill a neighbor with a knife. He was remanded to preventative detention for three months on that charge. So he was jailed when agents caught up with him to discuss the arson in Herradura near Jacó. The suspect was identified by the last name of Vásquez. He is 26.

A 24-year-old victim, María Félix Sánchez Mairena, had complained of physical abuse from her companion, said judicial agents. They had lived in San José. She had filed domestic abuse charges, and the suspect was under judicial orders to stay away from her.

To avoid a confrontation, Ms. Sánchez left San
José to be with a friend, the 14 year old. But the killer tracked her down. There was a delay in the investigation while Ms. Sánchez was identified via DNA testing.

Two brothers had lived in the containers for years on the property known as Finca Pipasa and had remodeled them as living quarters. They had the last names of Villalobos Miranda. One was 22 and the other was 24. Their relationship with the 14 year old still is not clear. She had the last name of Delgado.

Firemen got the call about 5:55 a.m. that Friday morning. They called judicial agents as soon as they cut open the containers and found the bodies of the brothers. One held a steel bar with which it is presumed he was trying to use to pry open the door someone had locked from the outside. The woman’s body was found a short time later. Then at 11:50 a.m. firemen found a fourth body, which later proved to be that of the 14 year old.

There were two containers side by side, but only one was occupied. The fires were set outside the containers, and firemen suspect that an accelerant was used. Each container was about 20 square meters or about 215 square feet.

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