The weekend of pilgrimage looks to be a very wet one

Pilgrims better bring their raincoats. This is the big weekend for the mass movement of the faithful to Cartago from all points in Central America.

The weather continues to be unstable, witnesses by thunderstorms in many parts of Costa Rica Thursday.

The central and southern Pacific coasts appears to have born the brunt of the rainy weather.

The national emergency commission reported Thursday that 20 persons were in public shelters in the Iglesia Católica de San Rafael de Cerritos in Quepos and that three communities are cut off by landslides.

There also are reports of damage in the cantons of Golfito, Aguirre and San Ramón and in Puntarenas Centro

The Comisión Nacional de Prevención de Riesgos y Atención de Emergencias repeated the warning from the Instituto Meteorológico Nacional that the instability in th
weather favors the development of thunderstorms and lightning.

It that were not enough, there is a gigantic tropical wave in the mid-Atlantic traveling west at 20 mph. The U.S. National Hurricane Center expects that it will continue to develop. Such low pressure systems can trigger major storms.

The weather institute issued an emergency bulletin Thursday morning warning that hot temperatures in the 30 C. neighborhood would cause storms to develop. That’s in the high 80s F.

The weather institute predicted an increase in instability and storms for today and the weekend.

The climax of the pilgrimage to the basilica de Nuestra Señora de los Ángeles is Tuesday morning when a Mass will be said. But until then thousands,perhaps hundreds of thousands of pilgrims will be living and sleeping outdoors on in temporary shelters. In all, more than a million will make the pilgrimage.

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