Umbrellas are obligatory for July 4 celebration

The forecast for today’s Independence Day activities in Escazú is a little uncertain. The general forecast for all but the Caribbean calls for afternoon downpours and thunderstorms, but there has been little consistence in the weather.

While Juan Santamaría airport got 28.6 millimeters (1.12 inches) of rain Sunday and Pavas reported 53.7 millimeters (2.27 inches), other areas were dry or nearly so.

A low pressure area lingering in the Pacific off the Guanacaste coast is one good reason for July 4 celebrants to bring umbrellas. The big party today is at Avenida Escazú, the outdoor shopping mall behind Hospital CIMA on the Próspero Fernández highway that recently became the Autopista del Sol.

The celebration is joint effort by Avenida Escazú and the American Colony Committee. For years, the American Colony Committee picnic was in the morning to avoid the possible afternoon showers.
This year the celebration begins at 4 p.m., and a parade down Avenida Escazú is planned. A fireworks display provide a climax at 8 p.m.

One colony committee member said that the entire picnic was in jeopardy until Avenida Escazú made overtures. Committee members invested a lot of time and labor in last year’s celebration, and they were not sure they could do so again, said the committee member.

The U.S. Embassy and its consular services will be unavailable today because the day is a U.S. legal holiday. That also means banks and other services expats here use in the United States will be unavailable.

Residents can look for a little better weather during the last two weeks of July. This is the annual canicula period that sees a buildup of high pressure in the Atlantic Ocean that keeps the instability and rain in the Pacific from entering the country.
Until then afternoon thundershowers seem to be inevitable.

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