Weather institute warns of high seas, wind, rain

The weekend is expected to be a wet one, thanks to a low pressure system parked over the country. And a small boat warning is out for both coasts.

The rain and high seas are expected to continue through Sunday, said the Instituto Meteorológico Nacional.

The weather service said Thursday that land on both coasts is likely to be flooded by the high seas and that boat owners probably should consider moving their vessels into protected harbors. Both Puntarenas Centro and Limón Centro usually see some flooding during high seas.

The weather institute predicted the highest seas in the South Pacific but said that small craft less than 21 feet should remained tied up all over the Pacific. The institute also predicted high winds of up to 40 kph or about 25 mph.

The U.S. National Hurricane Center said there was a low probability that the weather system would develop into anything stronger in the next two days.

The weather institute here is predicting heavy rains and thunderstorms in nearly the entire country in the afternoons. The Caribbean coast might only see moderate rains.

Some rivers already are rising, due to Thursday’s rain, the weather institute said. Consequently there is a danger of flooding inland and landslides.

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