Web link can clarify the salary adjustment for rest of year

The Consejo de Salarios decreed a 2.55 percent hike in the minimum wages this year, but it also decreed a 3.5 percent wage hike for low-income earners. Expats are having trouble figuring out how they should adjust the salaries of their workers for the second half of the year. And thanks to the power of the press, journalists still lead the list of minimum wages with a monthly income specified at 614,095.22 colons, about $1,224. By contrast someone with a university bachelor degree has a minimum wage of 415,499.60 colons, about $828.50 a month. Among those getting the 3.5 percent wage were workers classified as trabajador no calificado. The minimum wage is 7,641.58 per workday, about $15.24. Officials estimate that about 80 percent of the blue collar workforce earns the minimum. The minimum wage degree does not cover professionals like lawyers and physicians, which is why the inclusion of journalists is inconsistent. The full list of minimum salaries is HERE on a page posted by the Ministerio de Trabajo y Seguridad Social.

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