11 firms submit bids for Cañas-Liberia Interamericana job

Entire sseries of projects stretches to Nicaragua. Photo: Ministerio de Obras Públicas y Transportes/A.M. Costa Rica

Constructora MECO was the apparent low bidder Monday when the transport ministry opened bids for rebuilding the Interamericana Norte into a four-lane road between Cañas and Liberia. It is now two lanes.

In all, there were 11 firms that submitted bids. The proposal was complex in that firms had the option to bid a job with asphalt that had a useful life of either 20 or 12 years. Also possible was a bid to use concrete for a useful life of 20 years.

The four-lane project will include a bike trail and sidewalks, said the Ministerio de Obras Públicas y Transportes. The contract covers 50.6 kilometers or about 31.3 miles. Included are the jobs of enlarging some 19 bridges and building three underpasses.

The total investment is expected to be $154 million, most of which is a loan from the Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo.

MECO bid on all three options. It offered 47 billion colons (about $94 million) for the 20-year asphalt and 60 billion colons (about $120 million) to put the same stretch in concrete. The 12-year asphalt bid was 40 billion colons or about $80 million. The ministry’s Consejo Nacional de Vialidad has six weeks to study the proposals.

The Cañas-Liberia section is just one of four jobs that will widen the entire highway from Barranca to the Nicaragua border.

Officials said they were pleased at the response to the bidding and the amounts that were bid.

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