Agents finally do searches in killing of Facundo Cabral

Nearly a month after a Costa Rican was identified as the intellectual author of an assassination attempt in Guatemala, judicial police and prosecutors conducted raids on the man’s properties.

The assassination led to the death of famed Argentine singer Facundo Cabral, who was gunned down as collateral damage. The target of the attempt was promoter and businessman Henry Fariñas, who was taking Cabral to the airport.

Costa Rican officials identified the main suspect here as Alejandro Jiménez González, 37, and said that they had been investigating him since 2009 for drug smuggling and money laundering. They said that his family was involved and listed more than a dozen corporations that were controlled by Jiménez or family members.

A series of raids resulted in a search of the Alajuela home of Jiménez and other locations.

At a press conference the fiscal general, Jorge Chavarría, and Jorge Rojas, head of the Judicial Investigating Organization, were candid and identified the members of the family who were under investigation. They also distributed photographs of those who appear to be suspects.

A short time later, the Poder Judicial sent an email to the news media saying that none of the persons had been charged and that they would use the photos at their own risk.

Cabral died July 9, and Guatemalan newspapers quickly identified Jiménez as a possible suspect. Three persons who were taped conducting the fatal ambush were arrested quickly. Jiménez is reported to have left the country.

If he is arrested in Costa Rica, he could not be extradited because the Constitution forbids forcing citizens to leave the country.

Costa Rican investigators have ben in close contact with their counterparts in Nicaragua and Guatemala.

Cabral had such a high profile in Latin American music that the case is being reported all over the world.

Costa Rican law enforcement officers will attempt to confiscate any possessions that they can link to Jiménez.

The reason for the assassination attempt on Fariñas has not been made clear, but some police officials suspect that he was a business partner of Jiménez. Fariñas, a Nicaraguan, is reported to have holdings in Costa Rica. One theory is that Jiménez wanted to purchase nightclubs owned by the Nicaraguan. However, employees of certain night clubs in Costa Rica deny that they have any link to Fariñas.

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