Agents hope fuel container will lead to murderer

This is the fuel can left by murderer near body. Photo: Judicial Investigating Organization

Judicial police have come out with an unusual request. They are seeking persons who can recognize a gas can. Investigators have had some success in displaying photos of criminals and even jewelry and tattoos on unidentified bodies.

This time they are trying to connect the owner of a gas can with the burned body of a woman that was found in Ochomogo west of Cartago Aug. 4.

The woman, eventually identified by the name of Varela, got permission from her employer in Santa Ana to walk to Cartago as a pilgrim Aug. 1. The 21-year-old woman left her Pavas home that day, and agents do not know what happened or where. The body turned up not far from the road that was taken by hundreds of thousands of pilgrims for the visit to the Cartago basilica during the week leading up to the Aug. 2 celebration of Nuestra Señora de los Ángeles.

They are seeking information from anyone who may have seen an individual with a gas can similar to the one for which they provided a photo. That can was found near the body. They also would like to know about anyone who had such a can but does not now, they said.

They are hoping that a store clerk might come forward with information on selling the can. The confidential number of the Judicial Investigating Organization is 800-8000-645, and the telephone number of the Cartago office is 2550-0300.

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