Better to invest money in climate than in wars

Mary Jay is slamming the possible misuse of funds to help slow down climate change.   Much of her concern is not how the money will be spent but she doesn’t believe humans are having a drastic impact on the climate of the world.

She commented ” Is the world out of its friggin’ mind?  Have we gone totally mad?”

That has already been established to be true, with the waste of trillions of dollars, supporting unnecessary wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya and who knows where the next contrived war needs to be started.  There are over 700 U.S. military bases all over the planet.  Over 60,000 military personnel just in Germany alone.

Monies would be much better spent on saving the environment than trying to control some of the most corrupt governments in the world with little to no success, or wasting money on countries, like Germany, that are perfectly capable of defending themselves and others.  The U.S. military has land holdings world wide of approximately 29 million acres worldwide, making the Pentagon easily one of the world’s largest landlords.

It was mentioned that 69 percent of the public, who is relatively uninformed, feel they don’t believe in climate change caused by human influences.  The vast majority of meteorologists, climatologists and others in the field related to climate change are still supporting the facts, regarding the influence of the human species on the climate of the planet.  Most of the data is accurate and not manipulated as she would like you to believe.

A comment was made, on man’s arrogance, that we think we can attempt to control climate change.  I think the true arrogance of man is that he feels he has little or no impact on the climate through our extreme polluting processes all over the world since the industrial revolution.  She also refers to C02 as a trace element.

Even though C02 can be considered a trace element doesn’t mean that small changes in its amounts doesn’t play a significant role in the big picture.  Any trace element in excess can be harmful, even if it may still seem miniscule in proportion.

I would rather see monies better spent fighting the climate swings we are having than to try to control al Qaeda or the other bogie men of other countries with trillions of our dollars.   Does the money have to have oversight, of course.   It should only be implemented in cases where the monies used are clearly used for what they are intended for.

Henry Kantrowitz
Punta Leona

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