Caja’s health system is an incredible bargain

RE:  Barry Schwartz’ letter ‘denouncing’ the Caja:

Schwartz was not ‘coerced’ into contributing to Seguro Social. It’s a requirement of residency.  The logic behind it is simply that if you want to reside permanently in this country, you need to participate fully in it.  That, among other things,  means being a part of the Seguro Social system (which for most of us is an incredible bargain).

As far as ‘ease of appointments’ go, if Mr. Schwartz is over 65 he has immediate priority on all appointments.  Presenting your Ciudadano De Oro card at the time you make an appointment insures that you receive the priority you’re entitled to (and it also substantially reduces ‘waiting time‘ when you arrive).

His complaint about ‘generic medicines’ sounds more elitist than anything else.  The Veterans Administration in the U.S., for example, and most health maintenance organizations there as well, dispense generics on a routine basis because they are far more cost-effective and just as good.  If your doctor THERE or HERE doesn’t agree, he/she is ALWAYS free to demand a branded drug instead of the generic.  What that means is that if you receive a generic and it’s not effective, you need to speak with your doctor and request that you be given the branded form you’ve used before.

Dave Wyllie
San Rafael, Alajuela

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